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Wally joined JBW&K in 2008, after practicing for many years in Richmond, Virginia. He is a trial lawyer, first and foremost. His primary practice focus is helping people or companies who have been injured by the negligence or wrongful conduct of another.

He enjoys the opportunity to present his client’s case to the judge or jury, and he celebrates when he sees justice rendered in court. Wally sees the trial process as the purest form of law. Going to trial is an event that will allow the parties to a dispute to experience their most direct connection to the application of our laws.

Wally enjoys all aspects of trial. He also knows that big trials have big consequences. Therefore, he is very selective about the cases he takes. When Wally accepts a case, it is a case that he believes he can win at trial. He will not take a case just hoping the other side will settle. If the other side agrees to engage in alternative dispute resolution, such as arbitration, mediation or settlement negotiations, Wally will be glad to help his client address those issues. If not, Wally will spend his time doing all that he can to get a case ready for trial.

In addition to his trial skills, Wally is known for the analysis and creativity that he brings to a case. Clients and other lawyers seek him out for his ability to solve complicated cases. These cases have included representing patients in wrongful death and medical malpractice trials, some of the most difficult cases to win. He has tried complex cases across most of the Commonwealth of Virginia, from Newport News, Hampton and Norfolk in the southeastern part of the state past Richmond and Charlottesville in central Virginia to beyond Roanoke in the west, and up through Fredericksburg to Fairfax County in northern Virginia (NoVa).

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