About VTLA Listserves

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Network with VTLA members via email or web postings. Listserves allow you to draw upon the collective knowledge and experience of your colleagues and share important information that may be helpful to other members. Ask questions, respond to inquiries and receive news updates by participating on the VTLA listserves.

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IMPORTANT: VTLA Listserve Policies and Guidelines


How to Participate
To post a message to a VTLA listserve, send an email to the name of the list like so:


For example, the general VTLA Member list would be vtlamember@lists.trialsmith.com
Your inquiry will then be broadcast to all members of that particular list. You must be an active member of the list in order to post a message.


Listserve Tools
VTLA lets you modify your listserves and gives you the power to search the entire archive online.

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Click here to monitor messages online instead of receiving emails.
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