Women’s Caucus

VTLA's Women's Caucus is a platform for increasing the leadership role of women within the Association, furthering VTLA's educational goals, mentoring women attorneys, providing its members with a professional and social support network within the Association, expanding the membership of VTLA and doing all things necessary to uphold and maintain the high standards of the legal profession and the administration of justice in the Commonwealth.

Current Caucus activities:

  • exclusive educational program at least once during the year
  • provocative luncheon program at the Annual Convention
  • children's book donation program at the Annual Convention
  • exclusive listserve

All female members are automatically part of the Caucus and are eligible to participate in its listserve.



Recent Activities

Members of  VTLA Women's Caucus delivering a collection of children's book that were donated at last year's convention.

Stephanie Grana, Barbara Williams and Lauren Ellerman (plus one!) enjoy the Women's Caucus reception at the 2017 Convention.

Amy Griggs welcomes the inspirational speakers at the Women's Caucus luncheon at the 2017 Convention. Phil Hirschkop and Nancy Buiriski brought the house down.

Bridget Long, Stephanie Grana, Amy Griggs and Joanna Suyes visited legislators on VTLA's Justice Day 2017.

VTLA Women's Caucus collects children's book donation each convention and donates to various non-profits to encourage young readers.

2018-2019 Leadership

Erin Jewell
Patten, Wornom,
Hatten & Diamonstein


Julie Gerock
Maddox & Gerock


Lisa S. Brook


Immediate Past Chair
Ashley Davis
Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen



VTLA Presidents

Stephanie E. Grana 2016-17
Barbara S. Williams 2013-14
Lisa P. O'Donnell 2012-13
Sandra M. Rohrstaff 2009-10
Mary Lynn Tate 1991-1992
Betty A. Thompson 1981-8