There are in my opinion three really great benefits of being a VTLA member. As a member you have the chance to meet so many other really good attorneys; you almost have an instant network. Along those lines, the VTLA Family Law List serve is an enormous resource for any one who practices family law, the participants on the listserve are the who's who of family law and are happy to help you tackle unique or special issues. Thirdly is the great educational programs that the VTLA sponsors each year.
- Molly Garrett, ShounBach, PC

Community. Lawyers tend to try to think of everything on their own, which can be a huge mistake. The best part of VTLA is being able to ask another member his or her opinion, and gain from their experience. It's a great organization that supports its members, who also support each other. The listserve is the online version of what you can do in person, just go up to a VTLA member and ask them for help, advice, or an opinion.
– Cory Ford, WilliamsFord

I think the greatest benefit I receive is the access to brainstorm and get answers from other VTLA members from the list serve or by simply calling a fellow member from the directory. Our firm is very small compared to some of these multi-state or national defense firms, so being able to pool experiences about issues or get another point of view on a particular issue in a case is invaluable and allows us to level the playing field for our clients.
- Brody Reid, Reid Goodwin, PLC






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$350 - First passed any state bar: 2008 and Before
$250 - First passed any state bar: 2009 - 2013
$150 - First passed any state bar: 2014 - present
$150 - Public Service Attorney
$150  - Attorney Licensed Outside Virginia
$150 - Retired Attorney

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