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VTLA thanks the following businesses who support VTLA and our members. Please refer to these companies for all of your trial service needs when you have a chance and thank them for being an important part of VTLA.

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JMW Settlements
Synergy Settlements


Commonwealth Clothiers
EPS Settlements Group
Philip H. Blackburn, Mediator
Physician Life Care Planning

Planet Depos
Pro Digital Forensic Consulting

Amicus Visual Solutions
Cook & Wiley
Injured Workers Pharmacy
Medical Management Resources
Mednick Associates
NPC Benefits
SBA Loan Group
Yount, Hyde & Barbour


JMW Settlements is a national settlement planning firm committed to crafting durable financial settlements for personal injury claims and litigation.

Whether retained by plaintiff, defense, or fiduciary, our mission remains unchanged: maximize available value at settlement to help foster full and final resolution of the claim.

This has been our guiding principal for over three decades and its effectiveness continues to serve and satisfy our clients today.

Contact: Henry Strong
Email: henry.strong@jmwsettlements.com
Phone: 1-800-544-5533

MediVisuals provides high-quality Medical Legal Illustrations and Medical Legal Animations to attorneys and the legal community throughout the United States and Canada. MediVisuals’ products and services include: Custom Medical Illustration, Custom Medical Animation, Interactive Timelines, Digital Fetal Monitor Strips, Trial Presentation Services, 3D Reconstruction Videos of Client CT Data, Stock Medical Illustrations, Stock Medical Animations, Life-Size Soft Brain Models and 3D Printing.

Contact: Bob Shepherd
Email: bobshepherd@medivisuals.com 
Phone: 1-800-899-2153     

Synergy allows trial lawyers to focus on what they do best by handling the difficult issues at settlement such as lien resolution, Medicare compliance, public benefit preservation, settlement planning techniques and tax deferral mechanisms for contingent legal fees. The combination of the services we provide and the strength of our professionals gives our clients a powerful partner.

Synergy is the first integrated settlement services group to leverage the power of a multidimensional approach to completely address complex settlement related matters for trial attorneys and their clients. We have a ground-breaking platform of products, services and tools that make us an invaluable settlement partner.

Contact: David Place
Email: dave@synergysettlements.com
Phone: 1-877-242-0022

Commonwealth Clothiers was founded and built from the single idea that customer service revolves around relationships.  With over 20 years combined experience, we understand what is required to serve and build those lasting relationships.

Our overall goal is to provide a level of convenience, service and expertise that allows our clients to breath a sigh of relief when it relates to their clothing needs.  Time is a luxury and most of us want more of it every day.  Our process of meeting at your office or home will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere and enables us to write you a check that reads “Time Saved” which can be cashed with quality garments and a fit that cannot be matched.

Contact: Chad Milburn or Todd Goldsmith
Email: info@commonwealthclothiers.com

Gary Blankenship has consulted for both plaintiff and defense clients in over 8,000 personal injury cases for structured settlements and personally participated in negotiations nationwide since 1984, developing appropriate settlement plans for all levels of injuries, including those catastrophically impaired such as brain and spinal cord injuries. His expertise includes settlement of most case types including truck and auto liability, medical malpractice, products liability, construction liability, general liability, premises liability, workers’ compensation, Federal Tort Claims Act, Vaccine Fund (HHS) cases, employment and railroad liability/FELA cases. When appropriate, he prepares financial Illustrations of life care plans. Gary associates with other financial experts to provide trusts, life insurance, mutual funds or other investment products when such needs arise. Gary is also knowledgeable in the structuring of contingent attorney fees.

Contact: Gary Blankenship
Email: gblankenship@epssg.com
Phone: 1-800-284-4650

Philip Blackburn has been a full-time mediator since 1990.  A graduate of Westminster College and the Vanderbilt University School of Law, he has mediated over 4,500 cases.

Prior to his mediation career, Mr. Blackburn had a successful trial practice.  He had over 100 jury trials, as both a Plaintiff’s attorney and as a Defense lawyer.  For the past 25 years he has been a guest speaker at many national conferences of trial lawyers and mediators.

Contact: Philip Blackburn
Email: philip@blackburnmediator.com
Phone: 1-877-673-4668

We are physician life care planners in a field in which less than 1% of life care planners are qualified physicians. As practicing M.D.s who specialize in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, we possess the requisite expertise to independently formulate and defend recommendations for ongoing medical care.

In addition to life care planning, our clients appreciate the convenience of accessing an entire range of related services, all from a single source. We’re the nation’s premier team of physician life care planners, vocational assessment specialists, professional economists, Medicare secondary payer compliance experts, medical illustrators and neuropsychologists.

Contact: Jacob Gonzales
Email: jacobg@physicianlcp.com
Phone: 210-275-9996

Planet Depos, LLC is a global court reporting company, providing best-in-class court reporting, videography, videoconferencing, interpretation, and trial support services throughout the United States and abroad. The Company is headquartered in Washington, DC with 60+ offices around the globe. As a forward-thinking company, we are conversant with the latest technologies and work closely with clients to implement case-winning tools, including streaming text and video, realtime to iPads, mobile videoconferencing, and digital deposition exhibits.

At Planet Depos, we are passionate about what we do. We challenge the status quo and exceed the boundaries of our clients’ expectations. We work only with the most elite professionals and handle all the heavy lifting for our clients, without disappointment or unpleasant surprises.

Contact: JJ Rochefort
Email: jj.rochefort@planetdepos.com
Phone: 1-888-433-3767 

Pro Digital Forensic Consulting is a full-service forensic data acquisition, analysis, reporting & expert witness service in support of civil & criminal litigation and investigations at the governmental, corporate and private levels. Pro Digital also offers specialized investigative services such as cellular call detail record analysis & mapping, social media & online investigations and open source intelligence gathering. (DCJS # 11-14869)

Contact: Patrick Siewert
Email: patrick@prodigital4n6.com
Phone: 804-588-9877

AMICUS Visual Solutions is one of America's fastest growing medical-legal exhibit and multimedia litigation providers. With over 15 years of combined experience our team of medical-legal professionals is qualified to provide you with strategic visual solutions for your litigation needs. 

We work closely with you and your experts to ensure that all important aspects of your case are integrated. From medical exhibits, timelines, animations and interactive exhibits to presentations and litigation support our focus is on providing you with effective solutions for your case. 

Contact: Asha Kays
Email: akays@amicusvisualsolutions.com
Phone: 804-915-7615

Amplify offers VTLA members exclusive significant savings on Staples office products, equipment, merchant services and more - all with no minimums, no fees and no contracts. 

Contact: Andrew Sims
Email: asims@amplifysavings.com
Phone: 1-844-396-7283

Cook & Wiley has been a leading Richmond court reporter provider for over 30 years. We offer video conferencing via Webex and GoTo Meeting,videography services, electronic transcripts, synchronization of audio or video with transcript text, exhibit bundling and LiveNote realtime reporting.

We specialize in the following services: Medical Malpractice/Technical, Real Time Reporting, Electronic Transcript Delivery and Deposition Suite and Video Services

We provide court reporting services in Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Glen Allen, Henrico, Chesterfield, Petersburg, Mechanicsville and most of Central Virginia. Additionally, we cover areas in North Carolina such as Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Lexington, Raleigh and Winston-Salem, and surrounding counties.

Contact: Jeanne Wiley
Email: jwiley@cookandwiley.com
Phone: 1-888-359-1984

IWP is a specialized workers’ compensation pharmacy service working on behalf of injured individuals. As an advocate for those who have been injured, IWP takes the financial burden out of the medication process by shipping medications directly to the patient and collecting payment from the insurance company.  

Contact: Richard Johnson
Email: rjohnson@iwpharmacy.com
Phone: 1-888-321-7945

Medical Management Resources, L.L.C. provides medical-legal support and consultative services to attorneys, physicians, insurance companies, and government agencies in a context of personal injury litigation. Our expertise stems from our diverse medical, legal, insurance, and business backgrounds and our hands-on involvement in thousands of catastrophic injury cases. We work alongside our clients to provide specialized medical support that complements their own professional services, while aiming to empower clients with information that maximizes their case objectives.

Contact: Matthew Powell
Email: info@medicalmanagementresources.com
Phone: 804-521-2222

Since 1991, Mednick Associates has provided access to top tier board certified, practicing medical experts in over 150 medical specialties for case reviews, opinions, written reports, and court testimony. Our nursing staff screens all cases and provide expert recommendations at no charge. 

Contact: Adam Taranto
Email: Adam@mednickassociates.com
Phone: 203-966-3000

Managing technology can be a challenge for small businesses and finding a reliable IT support partner can be even harder. With Mode5, those worries become of thing of the past. Mode5′s dedicated staff is here to help build a solid technology foundation from which your business can grow. We have an array of services to meet your needs from cloud computing, local network management and network support, backup and disaster recovery services, IT help desk and more.

Contact: Luke Downing
Email: ldowning@mode5.com
Phone: 757-628-8324

NPC Benefits was initially founded in 1991 as National Planning Consultants, a specialty provider of supplemental disability plans for large employers. Today, NPC works jointly with group benefit consultants and other insurance professionals to bring the most innovative supplemental income protection concepts and products to large employers and associations, using customized enrollment communications and technology.

Contact: Ken Yarbrough
Email: info@npcbenefits.com
Phone: 1-866-785-3801

VTLA has partnered with SBA Loan Group, LLC to provide low-interest (6.25% or less) Small Business Administration loans to VTLA members. Funding is low cost with few restrictions on how the money is used. 

Contact: Jarret Prussin
Email: jarret@sbaloangroup.com
Phone: 516-900-6905

Yount, Hyde and Barbour (YHB) is a leading certified public accounting and consulting firm with 7 strategic locations. Our team combines specialized training and practical experience to provide comprehensive Business Valuation, Fraud Investigation and Litigation support services.

YHB offers attorneys a distinct advantage by providing financial competitive intelligence and diverse industry knowledge.

Contact: Jennifer Files, CPA, CFE, CVA
Email: jennifer.files@yhbcpa.com
Phone: 540-662-3417