Using Electronic Signatures

Erin Jewell of Patten Wornom Hatten & Diamonstein, L.C. shows you how to create and insert your electronic signature into documents when using a computer or iPad. This tip is extra helpful right now as some courts and offices remain closed and the need for remote work continues.

posted 8/4/20

Update Your Info with VTLA

We may be social distancing, but we still want to stay connected with you! Now is a great time to make sure the information we have on file for you is current and accurate. Watch Kevin Biniazan, Breit Cantor Grana Buckner, show you how quick and easy it is!

posted 7/14/20

Racial Justice Resources

Breanna West and Dominique Young, Co-Chairs of the VTLA Diversity & Inclusion Alliance, put together a few resources they think will be helpful in our individual and collective pursuit of racial justice. We encourage you to check out these resources here, as well as additional resources and information on the VTLA Racial Justice page.

posted 7/8/20


Self-Care & Mindfulness

Courtney Williamson, Commonwealth Community Trust, talks about taking moments for yourself throughout the week to practice good self-care and mindfulness to deal with the anxiety and extraordinary stress in the world right now. They have implemented weekly mindfulness practices in their own office which have been very beneficial.

posted 06/09/20

Scan Documents with your iPhone

Amy Whitelaw, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, shares a very handy tip on how to scan documents quickly and easily using the Notes app on your iPhone. Documents looks professional and are easy to email or upload straight from your phone.

posted 5/26/20





Custom Zoom Backgrounds

Do you know how to set up a custom virtual background for your Zoom calls? Ben Byrd, Strickland, Diviney, Segura, & Byrd, walks you through the process step by step and shows you how easy it is. Be sure to also check out the custom VTLA backgrounds you can download and use here.

posted 7/21/20

Build a Network; Web Conferencing Release Form

Julie Gerock, Maddox & Gerock, suggests building and relying on a network of similar firms for emerging practice challenge ideas and shares a document that came from such a group - a release form for client meetings via web conferencing. Thanks to fellow VTLA member Laura Butler for the idea!

posted 5/19/20

Boost Your WiFi Speeds

Luke Downing, Mode5, discusses how to improve your home/office internet speeds with the use of wireless mesh networking or "WiFi Boosters" and it's easier than you think!

posted 5/12/20

Using Facebook Live

Lauren Ellerman, Frith Ellerman & Davis Law Firm, launches our new Tuesday Tips series with a great idea to let potential clients know your expertise using Facebook Live.

posted 4/21/20






Use Your VTLA Member Benefits

Make sure you are utilizing the great benefits and discounts that are available to you as a VTLA member - everything from discounts on UPS shipping costs, conference call services, translation services, and even discounts on life and disability insurance.

posted 7/29/20

Build Relationships with Your Legislators
(Part 2)

Matt Foster, Bangel, Bangel & Bangel, talks about why it's important and beneficial to you and VTLA to build relationships with your legislators and how to get started.

posted 6/23/20

Connect with Your Legislators
(Part 1)

Mark, Dix, VTLA Legislative Council, explains how to find out who your legislators are and how to connect with them. It's the perfect time to do this!

posted 06/16/20

Communicate with Staff

Paul Hernandez, Kalfus & Nachman, discusses the importance of communicating with your staff during this ongoing crisis. He gives specific tips and ideas and shares what is working for his firm right now.

posted 5/5/20

Take Advantage of this Time!

Amy Griggs, Regan, Zambri & Long, talks about the things her firm is doing to take advantage of this time. It's a chance to double down on business development & marketing. What can you do to come out of this COVID-19 crisis ahead of the game?

posted 4/28/20