News from VTLA, for and about our members
May 2021
News from VTLA, for and about our members

Welcome to the newest Law Letter! This electronic version of Law Letter is VTLA's latest newsletter. Law Letter was established in the April 21, 1962, meeting of our Board and has been through numerous revisions until today's. Enjoy learning more each month about what's happening in the world of Virginia's best trial lawyers.

VTLA: The Re-opening

A few words (and tunes!) from your new VTLA President, Craig Davis:

As we now collectively emerge from our own modern day version of the late unpleasantness, I wanted to share a playlist of songs I put together to lift your spirits and, just maybe, inspire you to go “furthur!” The playlist hopefully has something for everyone as it veers across genres and contains songs by artists both well-known and obscure. Thematically, the songs loosely center on concepts of emergence, revitalization, resilience in the face of adversity and optimism. And sure, there are some overt and sly references to our chosen profession. Still, some songs are included for no other reason than they get my blood pumping.

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News from the Diversity & Inclusion Alliance

In 2021, VTLA’s Diversity & Inclusion Alliance will, among other things, continue conversations in the vein of last year’s “Tough Talks.” Since May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month in the U.S., we are eager to hear and learn from several members of Asian descent about their legal journey.

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Thanks to our Newest Donors!

Newest Williamsburg donor:
Erin Jewell, Patten Wornom Hatten & Diamonstein, Newport News
Other new donors:
Steve Garver
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Sovereign & Qualified Immunity

For more than a year, qualified immunity has made headlines in calls for criminal justice reform. In Virginia, sovereign immunity adds another wrinkle. Virginia experts on these issues will walk attendees through these timely topics in an open webinar on May 25th. Learn the difference in these two concepts, how they apply to police misconduct cases and more.

May 25, 2021  •  Noon-2 pm
Virtual program with live presentations, Q&A

Speakers include Isaac McBeth, Halperin Law Center, Glen Allen; Seth Carroll, Commonwealth Law Group, Richmond; Danny Zemel, The Krudys Law Firm, Richmond; Professor Jack Preis, University of Richmond School of Law; Andrew Lucchetti, Halperin Law Center; and Mark Dix, VTLA Legislative Counsel.


2021 Convention Makes VTLA History

It’s hard to believe the 2021 VTLA Convention is already behind us – it came and went faster than we could say Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! For the second year in a row, VTLA history was made - in 2020 we held our first all virtual convention, and this year, we held our first  “hybrid” convention with several hundred in person and more than several hundred more online. We were blown away by the turnout and proud to lead the country again in outstanding programming.

Our 2021 Convention Chair Brody Reid and the Convention Committee did an exceptional job organizing this year’s historic gathering and the name of the game was “flexible” throughout the planning process. As usual, the lineup of speakers and topics were stellar.

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Tort Law Seminar a Success

On Tuesday, we held a great May Tort CLE about “Protecting Your Client’s Recovery.” Watch for recorded portions to be available soon! Pictured above is a great panel that discussed settlement options for clients to protect their recovery. Pictured L-R: Henry Strong, JMW Settlements; Anthony Prieto, Synergy Settlement Services; Karen Konvicka, Commonwealth Community Trust; Stephanie Grana, Breit Cantor Grana Buckner; Chidi James, Blankingship & Keith; and Gary Blankenship, Atlantic Settlements.

Committee Spotlight - Judicial Relations

Most of this year’s committees and sections are already assembled and doing lots of good work. This month, we’re giving a huge shoutout to the 17 members of our Judicial Relations Committee who, so far in 2021, have already evaluated more than 100 individuals for judicial vacancies in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, U.S. District Court and the Court of Appeals of Virginia. Thank you for your extraordinary efforts!

May 21-22 / Alexandria or virtual

Valuing your case with non-economic damages requires special skill and knowledge. Learn from some of the best and share your own experiences in this retreat. From considerations during intake, to discovery and selecting witnesses, to developing your case and making tough decisions about whether to claim economic damages, you will take home information to use in any case.

Join us in person or virtually!
* plaintiff certification required *

Welcome New VTLA Members!

  • Shanna Louise Jackson
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