VTLA Club Contributions

Join other great Virginia trial lawyers who have made a commitment to protect our system of justice through their contributions to VTLA's legislative program. VTLA is the voice in the Virginia General Assembly for trial lawyers and those they serve. Contributors make it possible for VTLA to monitor and influence the development and modification of personal injury and other tort law, insurance, family, criminal, employment, civil rights, commercial, products liability, Social Security and Workers' Compensation law.

You can choose to leave the default split of the income to VTLA and VTLA PAC, or you can adjust your your contribution division to allocate your entire gift to 100% VTLA and 0% VTLA PAC.

The best way to help VTLA and VTL PAC fight for justice is to become a Club Contributor, as it helps us budget and plan strategically. Please fill out the form below to help in this way. One time gifts can also be made below.

You can also complete this form and return it to VTLA with your check payment.  If you have any questions, please contact Moira Holdren at 804.343.1143 ext. 312. 

Contributors will be listed on our website, in the annual directory and in convention and other event materials. Thank you for your commitment to VTLA!

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