Speakers, authors, leaders, donors, doers, movers, shakers - all VTLA volunteers!
We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for all that you do. #gratitude


Volunteers are the soul of VTLA and we thank everyone who gives so selflessly throughout the year.
Today, we honor our President Craig Davis who is always quick to volunteer and jump in where he is needed.
Thank you Craig and all our great volunteers, this week as well the other 51 weeks.


VTLA is grateful for a deep bench of subject matter experts to assist in our legislative efforts.
This year, we pulled Isaac McBeth, Halperin Law Center, off the bench and his expertise was valuable in immunity discussions.
Listen to Isaac discuss why he volunteers his time and efforts for VTLA!


Natasha (Tash) Phidd, Ackerman & Falcon, LLP is our newly elected Young Trial Lawyer (YTL) Secretary,
she participated in the YTL boot camp earlier this year and she just attended her first annual convention last month!

Amy Griggs, Regan Zambri Long, has made the rounds and volunteered her time in many impactful ways including as a VTLA board member,
chairing and participating on committees, special projects, and this coming year she will serve as our 2022 Convention Chair.

Brody Reid, ReidGoodwin, most recently took on the major feat of being our 2021 Convention Chair, artfully navigating
the new world of a hybrid convention. It was a great success! He has volunteered his time on countless committees,
been a VTLA board member for many years and an ardent supporter of our legislative program.