VTLA Public Service Programs

The Virginia Trial Lawyers Association is committeed to educating the public about trial lawyers and the importance of our civil justice system, as well as to providing service to our communities.

The Road to Virginia Justice
This recently-updated, award-winning educational program has helped more than 16,000 middle and high school students statewide better understand our civil and criminal justice system. "The Road to Virginia Justice" is presented by a VTLA member and includes a 12-minute film (video/DVD) based on a drunk driving case. Through the eyes of a teen and the law, students learn about the differences in the civil and criminal justice systems as well as their legal rights and responsibilities. 
To have this outstanding program shown in your school, please contact Cindy Harper at VTLA.

Bicycle Helmet Program
VTLA sponsors bicycle safety days in schools and distributes helmets to needy children.
If you would like to recommend a school for this program, please contact Valerie O'Brien at VTLA. 

Excellence in Journalism Award
This award recognizes a journalist's efforts to inform the public about the civil or criminal justice system and its effect on Virginians. The deadline is typically in early February for stories from the previous calendar year. For more information, please contact Valerie O'Brien at VTLA.

Virginia Trial Lawyers Foundation
This 501(c)3 corporation supports the Virginia Indigent Defense Coalition, various scholarship funds including the Bruce D. Rasmussen Memorial Fund, and other activities.

Trial Lawyers Care
Trial Lawyers Care is a charitable non-profit established through the Association of Trial Lawyers of America to help victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Through TLC, dozens of Virginia trial attorneys helped on a no-fee basis hundreds of victims' families through the Victim's Compensation Fund. Since that time, this non-profit has helped victims of the tsunami and most recently, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Pro Bono Service
The VTLA Board of Governors has adopted a resolution supporting those members already involved in pro bono services and encouraging members to undertake such efforts to provide services for the poor and disadvantaged.
See the resolution here.