VTLA holds Press Conference
September 30, 2004




VTLA Vice President Andrew Sacks address reporters. He is joined
by Ed Riley, Chairman of VTLA's Criminal Law Section, left, Matt Geary,
Immediate Past Chairman of the VTLA Section and President of the
Virginia Indigent Defense Coalition, and Ann Meng.

Ann Meng, the victim of terrible crimes more than 20 years ago, for
which Earl Ruffin was convicted and sentenced to five life terms,
spoke to reporters. Ruffin has been released and fully pardoned
after DNA testing done of samples discovered in his files at the Division of Forensic Science did not match his, and indeed matched that of another inmate already serving time. We admire her tremendous courage to appear with us, calling for the state to be sure that all those convicted are allowed a chance to seek the truth through DNA testing.


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