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October 15 - Roanoke

October 22 - Norfolk/Va Beach

October 27 - Fairfax

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Malcolm P. McConnell, III, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, Richmond Seminar Chair

What Evidence Can Be Presented Through an Expert?
        Evidence to be admitted by and through expert witnesses can be confusing and overwhelming even though it is the critical part of any complex case. Matt and Tony will go through the A-Zs of expert evidence helping you understand the who, what, when, where, how, and why. Once done, you will be able to control expert evidence to powerfully present your expert and expose the hypocrisy of the opposing expert.
        Matthew W. Broughton, GentryLocke, Roanoke  (Roanoke)
        Anthony M. Russell, GentryLocke, Roanoke (Norfolk, Fairfax)

Developing and Using Exhibits with Expert Witnesses
        Effective use of exhibits with expert witness testimony can be tricky. Learn to work with experts to develop sensible, memorable admissible exhibits to help you maximize the expert’s testimony and help blow the other side’s case out of the water.
        Deborah C. Waters, The Waters Law Firm, Norfolk (Roanoke, Fairfax)
         Wallace B. Wason Jr., Jones, Blechman, Woltz & Kelly, Newport News (Virginia Beach/Norfolk)

The How, What, When and Why of Dealing with an Expert in a Criminal or Traffic Case
        Experts are often brought to court by the Commonwealth in a prosecution. Do not let the expert intimidate you. This talk will help you contend with why they bring the expert, what to expect from the expert, how to deal with that government expert, as well as understand when to bring your own expert.
        W. Edward Riley, IV, Riley & Wells, Richmond (all locations)

Working Lunch
        Generously sponsored by JMW Settlements
Ethical Considerations in Trial
        Leslie Haley, Haley Law, PLC, Midlothian (all locations)

Courage for the Chicken-Hearted:
Protecting the Record in Hostile Territory

        The requirements for preserving issues for appeal can be complex and often tricky. It’s hard enough to do it right when you’re in a familiar court with a friendly judge. But what about when things get tough? This segment will explore how to protect the record anywhere.
        L. Steven Emmert, Sykes, Bourdon, Ahern & Levy, PC, Virginia Beach (all locations)

Expert Case Law Update
        Kenneth W. Curtis, Kenneth W. Curtis, PLLC (Fairfax)
        Malcolm P. McConnell (Roanoke, Virginia Beach/Norfolk)

Differences Between Deposing an Expert and Cross-Examining an Expert
        Examining experts in depositions or trial presents a challenge for even an experienced advocate. In this presentation, we will examine the best strategies for deposing experts whether you expect the case to settle, or you expect it to go to trial, and different aspects of advocacy when you are in the conference room and when you are in front of a finder of fact. You will learn how even the most well credentialed and learned scholars are subject to impeachment and can be put on the defensive in depositions and at trial, if you follow tested methods of advocacy.
        Lee Livingston, MichieHamlett, Charlottesville (Roanoke, Fairfax)
        M. Bryan Slaughter, MichieHamlett, Charlottesville (Virginia Beach/Norfolk)

Impeaching the Expert
        If you can’t beat the expert at his own game, try impeachment. You will learn how to effectively attack an expert using proven impeachment techniques, including exposing an expert’s bias in favor of a party or position, emphasizing how an expert’s financial motives impair the credibility of his or her substantive opinions and methodology, and more.
        Derrick L. Walker, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen, Richmond (all locations)