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Expert Services

Physician Life Care Planning

Physician Life Care Planning wishes the Virginia community well. Please know PLCP is ready to handle your life care planning, loss of earnings capacity, loss of household services, and related damages valuation needs.

Our Medical Cost Assessments, a $2,450 pre-suit assessment of an individual’s medical condition, future medical requirements, and associated costs may be of particular interest at this time. Our physicians, vocational specialists, and economists are currently utilizing in-person and remote technology exams, interviews, and depositions as needed. We're also partnering with funding companies to help clients with alternative payment options. 

Contact Joseph J. Gonzales with questions or to discuss a particular case at 267-496-1985 or email here.


Medical Management Resources

Medical Management Resources (MMR) is open for business and prepared to move forward with you.  Let us help you get to the front of the line and make your cases stand out.  We specialize in presenting damages in formats that lead to speedy and favorable resolution. We are available to:

- Retrieve documents economically and efficiently
- Audit case materials for completeness
- Prepare summaries that tell your client's story and highlights case strengths

Call us to discuss the unique features of your case and how we can work within your budget to maximize case value. For more information, please visit or call Matthew Powell at 804.521.2222.


Our ExpertPays feature on MoveDocs would help attorneys during this time to save cashflow for more essential business expenses. Expertpays offers expert reports and life care plans that you don’t pay for until you win or the case settles. Obtaining life care plans and expert reports is essential for increasing settlement amounts and decreasing time to settlement, and we have the results to back it up. Avoid risky litigation and secure your cases with Expertpays. Join us to start winning earlier and winning more.

Jason Manger


Medical Illustrations


MediVisuals has procedures in place which can help if you and your staff are working with either fewer people or from home:

- Our HIPAA compliant server has provided an easy way to upload all digital files (records & films) for the last 5 years. There are step-by-step instructions on our website. Click on the FILE UPLOAD button at the top of the homepage at to get started.

- With the largest in-house Stock library in the nation, our team can help you choose the best Stock exhibits and/or animations for your client. Illustration exhibits can be emailed as standard resolution digital files or printed on boards, and animations can be downloaded by you via an emailed link. Our website allows you to pay for and download exhibit files straight to your computer. Please indicate whether you are looking for Stock or Custom visuals in your initial communication with us.

- With 15 medical illustrators/animators with master’s degrees in three locations, we have good coverage for your needs and have taken steps for our staff to work from home as necessary. However, as we don’t know how many illustrators/animators might need to eventually work from home, please allow extra time for custom exhibits to be prepared.

- Rob Choi, with our Trial & Mediation Presentation Services, has worked with many clients remotely using Zoom video conferencing to help create effective presentations for mediations and Video Settlement Packages. Since his schedule can fill up quickly, call or email early: or 800-899-2153.

Amicus Visual Solutions

Amicus Visual Solutions has been distinguished among national med-legal illustration companies by receiving numerous Awards of Excellence from the Association of Medical Illustrators for outstanding medical-legal graphics. With over 8000 exhibits created in the past 14 years, and having worked with hundreds of the nation's most successful attorneys, Amicus has an expansive insight into creating effective visual solutions for medical litigation.  Our commitment to helping our clients achieve the best results for their cases extends into this time of isolation for our society, as we have all the proper procedures in place to allow us to stay open, fully staffed, fully functioning, and ready to tackle your medical graphics needs.  

With the courts closed, take advantage of medical illustrations in settlement packages and demand letters to fully communicate the severity of your client's injuries. We are well versed in Zoom and video conferencing and can provide assistance with your remote conferencing needs. Take advantage of this pause in life to spend time with your loved ones, and then give us a call to discuss how we can help keep your litigation business moving ahead with these services:

- Medical Illustrations and Animations for settlement and demand packages
- Medical Illustrations and Animations for depositions
- Video conferences and remote presentations
- Over 8000 "stock" exhibits available if you're looking for a cost-effective alternative to custom illustrations

Asha Kays & Michael Havranek
804-677-9475 - Asha Cell
804-852-8640 - Michael Cell
804-915-7615 - Office


Settlement & Mediation Services

Synergy Settlement Services

Synergy allows trial lawyers to focus on what they do best by handling the difficult issues at settlement such as lien resolution, Medicare compliance, public benefit preservation, settlement planning techniques and tax deferral mechanisms for contingent legal fees.

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, our temporary waiver of advanced fees for lien resolution has been made permanent. We never want fees to be a barrier to the incredible results our lien resolution team achieves for injury victims daily. The elimination of our advanced fees for lien resolution allows clients to leverage our expertise to a greater extent. When lien resolution services are complete, our normal percentage of savings fee will apply and be billed at our customary rate.

Contact us today to see how outsourcing lien resolution to Synergy ensures the largest possible reduction in every case, improves client satisfaction, and gives you a trusted partner to address ever-changing subrogation laws.

To refer a case call 877-242-0022 for more information or fill out a contact us inquiry on our website.

Reach out to Rodd Santomauro here.


Juridical Solutions

Juridical Solutions provides professional, efficient, and prompt ADR services to help you solve problems and settle your dispute.  The retired Judges of JS are committed to being trustworthy neutrals who listen, understand, and respond to your needs.

Juridical Solutions is now offering Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and is ready to help you navigate your online law practice. ODR has turned out to be surprisingly easy and satisfying. We have successfully settled cases using remote meeting platforms, Zoom and Go2Meeting. More details available here or reach out to Judge Hammond (Ret.) directly at 1-888-392-8742 or email here.


Other Helpful Services

Jury Impressions

Jury Impressions is now conducting remote focus groups that provide the same feedback and information that come from in-person focus groups. Check out this video for more information.

After months of development, we are very pleased with the technology and procedures we have put in place. The remote focus groups work well, are cost-effective, and include the group dynamics and juror interaction that are unique to jury trials. We also can arrange for remote issue testing with a large number of respondents when requested. We tailor our services to match what it is you need to test about your case. Reach out to Irv Cantor for more details at 804-358-3804 or email here.

Private Remote Jury Trials - coming very soon!

Planet Depos

Planet Depos remains fully operational and available to provide service during this period. Planet Depos provides simple and efficient remote depositions from anywhere in the world through a secure mobile videoconferencing platform. Connect with up to 100 participants and share exhibits or entire desktops with professional-grade video. Contact Planet Depos at 888-433-3767 to schedule your remote deposition today.

Capital Healthcare Services

During this pandemic crisis, Capital Healthcare Clinics (affiliate of Maryland Healthcare Clinics) remains open and your clients should feel safe using our services. We are a leading medical provider of rehabilitative care for patients injured in motor vehicle accidents. We have over 30 years of knowledge and understanding of the challenges of Personal Injury and Auto Accident injuries and we specialize in treating these types of injuries. We are closely monitoring the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and we are taking all the necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of our staff and our patients. We are here to protect you, your staff and your clients by using our Tele-Intake Procedure. The procedure does not require any physical contact with your clients. You can schedule an appointment remotely from your office or your home. To set up a virtual meeting with your client, you can set up an appointment for your client at one of our locations via our portal (which is Free to register and access) or call 703-253-7881. Your computer has to be equipped with a webcam and a microphone. You should be using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. 

If your clients express concern or are uncomfortable to come for treatments, despite of all safety measures we have in place, we are fully equipped to conduct Telehealth visits with our Medical Doctors and provide/direct physical therapy treatments at patient's homes. All these services are in compliance with Federal and State Health Departments and Medical and Physical Therapy Boards. If you require additional help, please contact Alina Yusfin or David Agatstein. You can also reach Mary Sharza at (917) 667-8485.

Injured Workers Pharmacy

At a time when the country needs to band together, Injured Workers Pharmacy is here for you and your clients. We know that getting to the local pharmacy isn’t easy. IWP welcomes the clients you assist to make use of our home delivery services for workers’ compensation medications. Our skilled Pharmacists can fill your clients’ prescriptions and ship their medications directly to their homes, allowing them to maintain social distancing measures and avoid exposure to COVID-19. Please get in touch with us via the IWP website or by calling us at 888-321-7945. We are THE Patient Advocate Pharmacy and we’re waiting to help in every way we can.

Protecting Health Care Heroes and First Responders from COVID-19

Maintaining Mental Wellness When You’re Stuck at Home

Helpful Tips for Minimizing Exposure to the Coronavirus at the Office

Pro Digital Forensic Consulting

Pro Digital Forensic Consulting is fully operational during the Coronavirus event to answer any questions you may have about any data that may arise in your cases, as well as forensic data collection and analysis services. Phone consultations are always conducted at no charge and are best scheduled by reaching out to Principal Consultant Patrick Siewert directly via email at If you require data acquisition services, we will still assist by limiting the exposure by sending out one representative from Pro Digital to your office (or location of your choosing) to collect data for preservation and/or analysis.  Please contact us for further details and to discuss your case-specific needs. Stay safe!